Healing is an empowering process.

By healing, you not only bring your life into alignment with your soul, you understand who you are on deeper levels, develop your natural extra-sensory abilities, enable your life to organise around your natural abilities and gifts, and contribute to others while you experience high frequency authority, purpose, and joy.

To heal well, and heal your life – your need to think about your entire being. You are multi-dimensional. You create multi-dimensionally, and so you need to heal with multi-dimensional awareness. Not just your mind, or your emotions alone, or simply the soul, or just the body.

The most important sovereign in your life is you. When we heal, we step into our power and sovereignty – there is no other way to truly heal on all levels. This is an absolute gift! When you restore your natural communication with your soul, reclaim your power, and create life on these terms you contribute to the best possible reality for all beings on earth.

This is a place to find the tools, solutions, and services for your healing, fulfillment, and personal empowerment on all levels.

Knowledge is power? Energy is Information!

The universe is made of 97% energy – only 3% of the reality we know is material, including the physical body. The material aspect is merely the result of the energy before it. Yet, we spend most of our time focusing on the 3%, trying to control that, and then wondering why things are not going to plan!

Feelings stuck, lost, oppressed, aggressive, exhausted, defeated – are all signs of disempowerment on some level. When we feel disempowered, we often look to the external to solve the problem. This is both the most common, and disempowering solution! It does our actual power a massive disservice.

One of the most greatly overlooked truths of our reality field, is its basis in energy and consciousness. Understanding what this means and how it works is the key to your total personal sovereignty. Complete.

The Battle Within

When we look for the reason, the person, the history, the institution, the problem, OUT THERE that is responsible for our suffering, we give our power away to this reason. Pointing a finger, is to siphon power off to the very thing that you are pointing to.

There are energetic rules of engagement in this reality field. We enter into agreements of power everyday, often without awareness. So much of our daily experience is created UNCONSCIOUSLY. We are creating infinitely, projecting our daily lives and futures from our conscious and unconscious minds.

The Solution? Energy Insight.

Programs, Blocks, Wounds, Negativity, Emotions, Stress, and bad situations all get in the way of personal power. Each one of these obstacles has a clear and positive solution. That is because every single one of these obstacles is created of subtle energy. All subtle energy can be transformed, and you have all rights to transform the subtle energy within your sphere of responsibility and creation.

About my method

I work spontaneously with your current expression, so all sessions and solutions correspond to the current, and you do not have to know ahead of time. I will show you how to travel your inner life, read and process read the energies of the moment.

I trust that some life struggles are designed or created, while others are the result of unlearned lessons or unseen realisations, so it is not my job to ‘interfere’ or to ‘fix’ but rather to assist you with technique, energy healing, insight, and presence.

Formal Education

  • Master of Social Work, Mental Health. University of Toronto: Toronto, Canada (2016)
  • Honours Bachelor of Social Work, Lakehead University: Orillia, Canada (2015)
  • Social Service Worker Diploma with High Honours, Seneca College: King City, Canada (2013)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Saint Mary’s University: Halifax, Canada (2010)